Currently, the objective of KTL is to add this quanta of gravitational waves (K) to the list Universal Constants and to become world class research facility specialised in gravitational waves.

 Research laboratories like CERN, LIGO, VIRGO and more have one thing in common i.e. either to detect gravitational waves or to collide elementary particles in order to understand universe. 

KTL derived the mathematical properties of these gravitational waves and also gave a unified theory which is applicable to both classical and quantum reams of physics. 

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Abstract: Einstein did a brilliant job of combining space and time in his theory of special relativity. His theory of general relativity defines gravity as a field phenomenon in the realm of space-time. The theory of relativity is incomplete as it does not include the fifth dimension made up of a web of angular momentum of gravitational waves which we call empty-space. As we know that 99.99 percent of every mass is empty-space and still we don’t have a dedicated physics to define it. Theory of special connectivity is an attempt to decode actual reality of our five-dimensional universe by introducing a new universal constant associated with empty-space. This paper experimentally proves the existence of this constant in nature as an integral part of space, time, gravity and obviously mass.

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Two different masses in vacuum will experience same gravity i.e. they will fall at the exact same time. This proves that there is something common in these masses.

Explanation for Above Observation

We know that every mass is a combination of five elements of life: air, water, fire, dust and empty-space. 

In vacuum, there is no air and therefore no water too. This makes the probability of the existence of fire to 0. Then only two elements left, dust and empty-space. Among them its empty-space that is common in every mass and this empty-space is what makes them experience same gravity in vacuum. 

Theory of Special Connectivity defines empty-space as a quantised web of gravitational waves and this quanta is what we call Kaushal Constant (K) .

Here is the video of two masses experiencing same gravity when in vacuum

Credits: NASA, BBC

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