Our Research revolves around Gravitational Waves and same is listed below in the form of journal publications, books and patents


Mass Teleportation System and Method

CBR No.: 22972

Application No.: 202111029623

Mass teleportation is the transfer of mass from transmitter to receiver controlled by a central quantum system at the speed of gravitational waves

Research Papers

Prime Limiting Function

Dialogue on Fifth Dimension, Empty-Space

Introduction to Consciousness

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Gravity, Probability and Consciousness


Wave-Particle Duality?

Kaushal Electronics

Experiment for Theory of Special Connectivity

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Medicine and Target

Published Books

Theory of Special Connectivity-I

Theory of Special Connectivity-II

Theory of Special Connectivity-I is now translated into eight foreign languages

Research Paper as Book Chapter No. 10

Newest Updates in Physical Science Research

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Conference Proceedings

Invited Speaker

"Wave-Particle Duality?" at Optics 2020 by Magnus Group LLC

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