Our Research revolves around Gravitational Waves and same is listed below in the form of journal publications, books and patent.

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Journal publications are not in so-called famous journals but every equation is dimensionally correct and we published some experimentational observations too which proves the existence of kaushal constant (K) in our universe. We are moving towards famous journals in order to make K a universal constant.

Books are also not published by so-called famous publishers and this patent is provisional and will only become a reality once we re-calibrate our science and technology in harmony with The Theory of Special Connectivity

Currently, our science and technology is calibrated in accordance to The Theory of General and Special Relativity.


Mass Teleportation System and Method

CBR No.: 22972

Application No.: 202111029623

Mass teleportation is the transfer of mass from transmitter to receiver controlled by a central quantum system at the speed of gravitational waves

Research Papers

Prime Limiting Function

Dialogue on Fifth Dimension, Empty-Space

Introduction to Consciousness

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Gravity, Probability and Consciousness


Wave-Particle Duality?

Kaushal Electronics

Experiment for Theory of Special Connectivity

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Medicine and Target

Published Books

Theory of Special Connectivity-I

Theory of Special Connectivity-II

Theory of Special Connectivity is later translated into eight foreign languages

Research Paper as a Book Chapter

Newest Updates in Physical Science Research

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"Wave-Particle Duality?" at Optics 2020 by Magnus Group LLC

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