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Unlocking Nature’s Mysteries

Research involves constant investigating and redesigning of the scientific questions posed. The strength of our research lies in the breadth and depth of the experimental and theoretical approaches we utilizes in understanding the mechanisms that drive the systems we are working upon. Learn more about our research publications below.

Theory of Special Connectivity [Portuguese] 

Por que após alguns dias uma camada uniforme de poeira aparece sobre qualquer superfície de massa intacta? Por que cada fonte de luz converge para uma fonte pontual à medida que nos afastamos dela? Por que a sombra aparece quando uma massa entra entre o caminho da luz e por que ela tem três partes? Por que a matéria tem uma natureza dupla? Por que a polarização existe na natureza? Por que não somos capazes de tornar a teleportação humana uma realidade quando é matematicamente possível? Por que a gravidade ainda é um mistério conhecido? Estas eram algumas perguntas de onde a minha viagem tinha começado. Como é sempre necessário questionar a existência, a teoria da conectividade especial tem sido proposta. Este livro é todo sobre ondas gravitacionais, como elas governam o universo, como nossa compreensão atual da gravidade foi afetada, como elas estão governando cada um e todos os domínios da física, como usar o teletransporte humano pode ser transformado em realidade. O livro não explica a teoria completa da  nectividade especial, que será dada em versões posteriores, apenas explica as noções básicas da conectividade especial.

Gravity, Probability, and consciousness

The theory of special connectivity [1] has been mathematically verified with the help of probability. With an example of tossing a coin, how consciousness manipulates probability has been discussed. Paper is based on a fact that the observer influences the observed. 

Theory of Special Connectivity-II

Human teleportation can only be a result of a combination of various branches of science like astrology, psychology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, spirituality and some modern fields of engineering. It can be achieved by simultaneously implementing various phenomenon of science and engineering. This part of the book is an extension to the previous part, “The Theory of Special Connectivity- an approach to human teleportation”. The book lays out the fundamental architecture for the prototype of human teleportation and this prototype can be directly implemented resulting in huge advancement in science and technology. Due to the lack of resources, author is proposing a prototype instead of implementing it experimentally. This prototype is also based on our fundamental understanding of Vedas and the book proposes the next version of the theory of special connectivity.

Theory of Special Connectivity-I

Why after some days a uniform layer of dust appears over any surface of untouched mass? Why every light source converges to a point source as we move away from it? Why does shadow appear when a mass comes in between the path of light and why it has three parts? Why matter has a dual nature? Why polarization exists in nature? Why we are not able to make human teleportation a reality when it is mathematically possible? Why gravity is still a known mystery? These were some questions from where my journey had started. As it is always necessary to question the existence, the theory of special connectivity has been proposed. This book is all about gravitational waves, how they govern universe, how our current understanding of gravity has been affected, how they are governing each and every realm of physics, how using them human teleportation can be turned into reality. Book does not explain the complete theory of special connectivity, which will be given in later versions, it only explains the basics of special connectivity.

Kaushal Electronics

The theory of special connectivity [1] has proposed a new theory for gravity in terms of Kaushal constant [2]. The paper shows the effect of this constant on the branch of electronics. Fundamental frequency of vibration has been calculated. Also, Values of charge, current, voltage, capacitance and inductance have been derived

Introduction to Consciousness

Light always travels in a straight line. It is our consciousness that makes it to bend around a mass as predicted by general relativity [1]. Based on a hypothesis, the angle of consciousness has been derived. Paper is also an indirect proof of author’s theory of special connectivity [2].

Experiment for Theory of Special Connectivity

An experiment has been proposed to verify the theory of special connectivity [1]. According to this theory, every mass has a web of gravitational waves around it whose smallest element is kaushal constant [2]. According to our convention, static mass has a positive charged web of GWs around it and moving mass has a negative charged web of GWs around it. As it is a well known fact that opposite charges attracts each other, an experiment has been accidentally performed by the author. Coulomb’s law [4] has been verified using Gauss’s law [6].

Kaushal and Gravity

The energy of gravitational waves is always quantized in a form of its angular momentum. Based on a hypothesis, a variable K, Kaushal constant is introduced as it is constant for a given mass. Using this K, the speed of gravitational waves traveling in mass and in space-time was derived respectively. A loophole based on a hypothesis was used in deriving the equations of consciousness which hold true for Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence. Definition of gravity has been redefined and formulas for time and entropy in the form of Kaushal constant were calculated.

Wave-Particle Duality?

An intuitive way of performing young’s double slit experiment has been proposed which can mark an end to the long-lasting debate of wave-particle duality. Insights related to it have been derived from the understanding of nature which includes a hypothesis. Observer effect went obsolete and observed result matches with classical physics results.


Gravitational waves are also known as shadows. Each shadow has three parts which are there due to three gravitational waves traveling in three different directions.

Medicine and Target

Each Kaushal can hold only one molecule. Medicines disintegrate into molecules and these molecules are absorbed by blood vessels through villi and microvilli present in our small intestine. The relationship between target Kaushal and medicine Kaushal through sub-consciousness has been discussed.

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