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Research Paper as Book Chapter

Prashant's research paper titled "Wave-Particle Duality?" is now republishing as a book chapter in book named Newest Updates in Physical Science Research Vol. 1 by Book Publisher International. Book will going to be released soon.

Paper Abstract:

An intuitive way of performing young’s double slit experiment has been proposed which can mark an end to the long-lasting debate of wave-particle duality. Insights related to it have been derived from the understanding of nature which include a hypothesis. Observer effect went obsolete and observed result matches with classical physics results.

Book Details:

This book covers key areas of Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Astronomy, Natural Science, Earth Sciences and other related fields. The contributions by the authors cover Fundamental physics, Applied physics, Astrophysics and Physical cosmology, Artificial intelligence, Neural processing, Biophysics, Econophysics, Geophysics, Neurophysics, Psychophysics, Quantum mechanics, Materials science, Nanotechnology and Engineering, Energy and Fuels, Electronics, Embedded systems, Signal processing, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Neurochemistry, Combinatorial chemistry, Molecular therapeutics, Geochemistry and Metallurgy.

For more details about the paper, please visit our website under research section!

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