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A Dialogue on Fifth Dimension, Empty-Space

DOI: 10.21203/

ABSTRACT: Gravity and space-time are relative to each other because gravity or more precisely a gravitational wave is the only candidate responsible for empty-space around a mass and empty-space is the only candidate responsible for the mass of an object. It is true that a gravitational wave is a ripple in space-time but space-time is a result of a web of gravitational waves is also true and hence it is more appropriate to call space-time as gravitational-space-time and its known word to us is empty-space. Smallest unit of this web of gravitational waves is known as kaushal constant (K) 1. Gravity is a result of the force of attraction in between two adjacent kaushal constants of the adjacent planes at a relative point in gravitational-space-time and hence this can be nicknamed as a web of gravity. The slower you move through space, the smaller your gravity web (or weaker the relative gravity) and hence the faster you move through time and vice versa. This paper is a solution to both mathematical and theoretical problem encountered in the field of quantum gravity 2 using theory of special connectivity 3.

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