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Gravitational Waves Announces their Findings in the Field of Physics and Astronomy

November 19, 2018

Prashant started with a small idea of dust with a vision to make human teleportation a reality. Since he didn't have a predefined road to his ambition, he needed to create one using unconventional methods. He moved on by redefining gravity in his paper titled "Kaushal and Gravity," published on 10 January 2018 by Journal of Physics and Astronomy.

Gravitational Waves Announces Their Findings in the Field of Physics and Astronomy

November 19, 2018

Gravitational Waves is a non-profit online source distribution website running by Prashant free of cost. It is an informative website that showcases his achievements in term of research papers and published books. Also, it holds all the information about his start and end points which has one thing in common, Gravitational Waves.

Redefined Gravity-A Road to Human Teleportation

November 14, 2018

Definition of gravity has been redefined and quantum physics has been experimentally proved wrong. A unified theory of special connectivity has been proposed which comprises of an underlying theory and prototype for human teleportation.

Gravitational Waves have Redefined Gravity and Proposed a Unified Theory of Special Connectivity

November 22, 2018

Was Sir Albert partially right? Has Young's Double Slit Experiment one more hidden mystery? Do we have a Unified Theory?